Terres de Rêves

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Serax bowl D15 mistey grey / dark blue Serax Bowl D15
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Serax Becher konisch D7 smokey blue Serax Cup D7
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Serax Kanne L Serax Jug D7
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Serax Kanne S Serax Jug S
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Dreams come true with Serax "Terres de Rêves"

"Terres de Rêves" from Serax has the characteristic irregularities that for ceramics are known for, making each piece unique. Anita Le Grelle's gossamer-thin tableware captivates with its brilliant colours and unique fine structure. Each ceramic piece is a delicate work of art without sacrificing stability. The tones chosen by La Grelle harmonise perfectly with each other and the special colouring allows the pieces to be mixed and matched in endless variety.

The ceramic service "Terres de Rêves" from Serax is not suitable for the oven or microwave.