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La Boucle – not just a belt, it’s a statement

High quality materials and craftsmanship go into all colorful, adaptable and durable La Boucle belts. And for every belt you buy, La Boucle plants a tree in partnership with the WeForest NGO!
La Boucle's motto: "Wear a statement, wear your values."
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La Boucle Cross Copenhagen Ansicht 1 La Boucle Cross
The CROSS belt is dark blue with an additional colour band braided into it in a criss-cross pattern. Depending on the tone, the second color stands out brightly or adds a subtle note to the overall look. For example, the orange band in...
€69.00 *
La Boucle Mono Paris Ansicht 1 La Boucle Mono
The MONO is the first collection from the Belgian belt label La Boucle . The braided belts are simple, comfortable and colourful. Named after cities like Amsterdam, London or Dubai, the unisex belts are perfect for people with a dynamic...
€69.00 *