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La Boucle – not just a belt, it’s a statement

High quality materials and craftsmanship go into all colorful, adaptable and durable La Boucle belts. And for every belt you buy, La Boucle plants a tree in partnership with the WeForest NGO!
La Boucle's motto: "Wear a statement, wear your values."
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La Boucle Cross Helsinki Ansicht 1 La Boucle Cross
The CROSS belt is dark blue with an additional colour band braided into it in a criss-cross pattern. Depending on the tone, the second color stands out brightly or adds a subtle note to the overall look. For example, the orange band in...
€69.00 *
La Boucle Duo venice Ansicht 1 La Boucle Duo
The DUO belt features a two-tone braid, in colors such as blue and red for the VENICE belt or red and white for TOKYO. The unisex belts are perfect for every waistline, and for every outfit you can find the right combination. A virtual...
€69.00 *
La Boucle Mono Paris Ansicht 1 La Boucle Mono
The MONO is the first collection from the Belgian belt label La Boucle . The braided belts are simple, comfortable and colourful. Named after cities like Amsterdam, London or Dubai, the unisex belts are perfect for people with a dynamic...
€69.00 *
La Boucle Trio Biarritz Ansicht 1 La Boucle Trio
The TRIO collection is a must for the coming winter. The La Boucle Trio belts with the city names Biarritz, Munich, Hamburg and Zurich feature trendy yet classic colour combinations in muted shades. With vegetable-tanned Italian leather...
€69.00 *