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Hübsch Aufbewahrungsbox 3-teilig Hübsch 3-piece Storage Box
The 3-piece storage box made of oak veneer by HÜBSCH Interior is the perfect storage accessory. They consist of an elongated bottom part in 12x24 format and 2 other square wooden boxes, which can be stacked or placed individually...
€38.00 *
Hübsch Aufbewahrungsbox eiche Ansicht 1 Hübsch Oak Storage Box
The two lacquered wooden boxes from HÜBSCH INTERIOR can simply be stacked on top of each other. The practical storage boxes have different heights, so the most diverse office utensils can be perfectly hidden and yet quickly reached. They...
€87.00 *
Hübsch Organizer Eiche Ansicht 1 Hübsch Organiser Oak
The stackable oak organiser from HÜBSCH INTERIOR is not only practical, but also pretty. The 2-piece organiser made of natural oak is versatile and ideal for the home office. Due to the different heights of the two timelessly simple...
€71.00 *
Hübsch Storage Box Set Hübsch Storage Box Set
The stackable wooden boxes from HÜBSCH Interior are not only pretty, but absolutely practical. The natural oak boxes are versatile and ideal storage for the home office. The office supplies can be stored quickly and chic. Due to the...
€74.00 *
Hübsch Table Lamp Metal Hübsch Table Lamp Metal
The graceful table lamp from HÜBSCH INTERIOR exudes an absolute retro charm. The ends of the matte black thin metal rod are in brass. It has a light and unobtrusive effect. The black - gold color choice gives the lamp an absolute...
€150.00 *
Hübsch Tischlamp schwarz/messing Hübsch Table Lamp Metal Black/Brass
A very simple lamp from HÜBSCH INTERIOR, which impresses with its perfect design and combination of materials. Black metal meets brass. Captivating details such as the light base that bends slightly in the upper third or the brass lamp...
€110.00 *
Hübsch Giesskanne Ansicht 1 Hübsch Watering Pot
The spherical watering pot by HÜBSCH INTERIOR made of metal in petrol impresses with its timeless and clear design. It is not only ideal for watering flowers, but is also an extremely decorative design element for balcony, terrace or...
€53.00 *