The Belgian brand SERAX stands for exceptional home accessories. The company, headquartered in Antwerp, was founded by the brothers SERge and AXel van den Bossche in 1986. The two, who grew up in their mother's flower pot business, started their own business in a garage. Today, SERAX has 65 employees and operates internationally. Axel runs the family business and his wife Marie Michielssen is SERAX's in-house designer. She has designed, among other things, the famous "Cactus Vase".

SERAX has been collaborating with well-known and lesser-known designers for over 30 years. This has resulted in special collections such as the sculptural wire baskets by Sicilian designer Antonino Sciortino or the bottle designed in the shape of a fish by Italian design icon Paola Navone.

After the launch of the tableware collection designed by ceramic artist Roos van de Velde, a new era in tableware began for SERAX in 2009. Since then, SERAX tableware has become extremely popular in upscale gastronomy. Michelin star chefs who need creative porcelain or ceramics to present their dishes in the best possible light are interested in the special collections. In the meantime, SERAX has become the first address for Michelin chefs.

In 2021, the FEAST collection, a collaboration between British-Israeli celebrity chef Yotam Ottolenghi and Italian artist Ivo Bisignano, is causing a sensation. A signature feature of the FEAST collection is the sweeping, O-shaped brushstroke. The collection features a bright play of colors, contrasts and multi-layers.

Each individual tableware design line shows its own special feature. The charming Terres de Reves ceramic dinnerware by Anita Le Grelle stands out with its characteristic irregularity known for ceramics. The Base series, designed by Studio Piet Boon, on the other hand, presents itself as straightforward and minimalist dinnerware made of fine Chinese porcelain.

Abovo has chosen SERAX collections because they are extraordinary and special, standing out from the ordinary...