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Furniture from TIPTOE - inspiration every day 

"Our products are unusual and so is our story." - this is how Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada describe themselves and their label TIPTOE, which the two friends from France founded through crowdfunding. Behind the brand is the dream of durable furniture that is both affordable and unique. Furniture that tells a story, shows a new creative line of modernity in the way it is producd, and accompanies its owners through every stage of their lives. 

What sounds ambitious has proven itself within a few years: TIPTOE has an exceptional success story and has been represented in over 40 countries since 2015. The high production and material standards, which are restricted to manufacturers in Europe, give the furniture its durability and solidity. Each piece of furniture is unique and can be changed by its owner. The mission behind TIPTOE is to unite tradition and modernity, creating furniture that adapts to all forms of life.