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RAINS BACKPACK mini black Ansicht 1 RAINS BACKPACK mini
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RAINS Strom Breaker W3 black Ansicht 1 RAINS Storm Breaker W3
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RAINS Gloves RAINS Gloves
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RAINS - waterproof, timeless design since 2012

RAINS, the Danish label has revisited and reinvented rainwear. The result is completely waterproof and timeless design for everyone. Deeply rooted in Scandinavian tradition, Rains has been pursuing an uncompromising approach to simplicity since 2012.

Fashion + Function

RAINS is based on the principle that proper rainwear must be able to withstand the stormiest weather conditions without sacrificing style. With the goal of reinventing the traditional raincoat, RAINS launched its first waterproof product, an imaginativly designed poncho. In the following season, RAINS launched a complete collection of waterproof garments, bags and accessories. Since 2016 RAINS has opened concept stores in selected cities around the world such as Copenhagen, Paris, New York City and London.

RAINS: the name says it all

RAINS, as the name indicates, offers its wearers a chance to conquer the incovenience of a rainy day with style. All the waterproof rain products feature simple aesthetics and an appealing, timeless design. No matter where you are, you'll be ready for the next bout of bad weather. An occasional downpour also freshens up the rain gear, in self-cleaning mode so to speak. Dirt, stains or odours are best removed manually. Regular, repeated washing of the surface can also maintain breathability, make the colour more vibrant and prolong the life of rainwear and equipment.

Responsible manufacturing, vegan materials, high quality products

RAINS products are manufactured in factories with more than 15 years of experience in rainwear and functional clothing. RAINS works with professional and responsible production facilities that manufacture high quality products under safe working conditions.

RAINS is a 100% vegan brand. None of the raw materials and none of its products contain animal ingredients or by-products. All components of the RAINS products comply with the requirements of REACH, the EU chemical regulation for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. RAINS continually tests these product components in conjunction with international test centres to ensure the highest quality standards.