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FERMOB : Sustainable design, sustainably produced.

The French brand FERMOB is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor products. All collections are designed with the right treatment for durability. The machines have been adapted to the ergonomics of the workers and not vice versa. The products are designed to make customers' lives easier and the various development and processing methods simplify employees' working lives. Environmentally friendly raw materials have been used for many years. Since 1997, the products have been painted in an emission-free facility. Likewise, waste separation is practiced throughout the plant. The integration of eco-design from development to packaging has become a matter of course. The employees who develop, design and produce each collection in the various workshops ensure that the products comply with the standards. It takes 2 years to bring FERMOB products to market.

FERMOB offers a comprehensive collection of garden design, furniture, lighting and many accessories. The first collection of outdoor lights, Balad, perfectly reflects the values of the brand: practicality, mobility, design and color. It was developed with the idea of creating an outdoor product that is as reliable as it is simple. FERMOB decorative accessories are elements that contribute to the beautification of the living area - both indoors and outdoors. All accessories are designed for outdoor use, but fit just as perfectly indoors.