UMAGE Step It Up Step Stool

the sustainable stool


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STEP IT UP by UMAGE , the environmentally conscious step stool, comes in two subtle colors,... more
Product information "UMAGE Step It Up Step Stool"

STEP IT UP by UMAGE, the environmentally conscious step stool, comes in two subtle colors, pearl white and anthracite, and two bold colors, saffron yellow and ruby red. STEP IT UP can be climbed on from three sides and features a low-friction surface to ensure you always maintain a stable balance on the stool. The frame of the stool is made of solid oak wood, while the lid is made of MDF. Conveniently, under the lid of the STEP IT UP is an integrated pocket. The removable bag with handles can be used for storage or even as a shopping bag. The designer Jonas Søndergaard, pursues the idea of sustainability, so that plastic bags no longer need to be used when shopping. The bag made of polyester can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

  • AH13496
  • Jonas Søndergaard
  • solid oak, MDF, polyester and hardwood
  • 48 cm
  • 55 cm
  • 38 cm
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