Buy FREITAG Bags in Munich

Welcome to abovo! We have 2 store locations in Munich, Germany with over 500 FREITAG Bags and Accessories. Tax-free shopping for our international customers. 

FREITAG Bags at abovo Munich

abovo Gärtnerplatz

since 1999 on Rumfordstrasse 8
5 minute walk from Marienplatz.

For Public transport click here

  FREITAG Bags - abovo Maxvorstadt / University quarter

abovo Museum District

since 2019 on Theresienstrasse 38
5 minutes from Museum Brandhorst and Pinakothek der Moderne
5 minutes from U3/U6 Universität 


Opening hours at both store locations: Monday - Friday 11am - 6:30pm // Saturday 11am - 6pm


Every FREITAG bag is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of upcycling and sustainability, giving old truck tarps, inner tubes and seatbelts a second chance to be not just functional but stylish and fun. Stop by in person or order online 24x7 at our FREITAG Shop 

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